When You Know The Value & The Meaning Of The Word, You’ll Understand Where & When To Use It – Every Word Has Its Meaning, I Should Know The Meaning Of The Word That Is Coming Out Of My Mouth, I Should Know Where & When To Use It.

If I’m Using Wrong Words Which Doesn’t Match With The Situation I Call My Self As Bad Communicator.

Language Is Collection Of Words.

If You Know A Know A Language Completely, You’ll Know How To Use It Where To Use It.

There Are Number Of Words In A Language.


Understand The Words That People Are Using & Know Where What Words To Use.

Understand The Meaning Of The Words People Are Using & Know What Words To Use.


I Think Communicating With The People Who Dont Know The Meaning Of The Words Or Who Uses In Wrong Situation Makes You Know That They Are Bad Communicators.

Knowing Words And Its Meaning Is Very Important.

A Person Who Knows And Understands Every Word That Is Coming Out From His/her Mouth Can Able To Use Words It Where It Is Needed And When To Use It.

In My Perspective A Human Being Who Understand Every Word Which Is There In His Collection And Who Know Where And When And With Whom To Use Those Words.

Can Able To Establish Connection Easily And Can Able Manage Connections Easily And Can Able To Maintain Connections Easily.

Communication Play Major In Human Relations, Human Connectivity.

So Knowing The Words Meanings And The Usage Of It Is Mandatory To Know.


If Im Able To Make A Person Feel Conform table And If Im Able Make A Person Feel Connective, If Im Able To Continue Communication With That Person For Long Time, It Means I Know What Words To Use To Maintain Relation With That Person.

I Believe That Im Great Communicator And I Know The Words That Im Using And I Understand The Words That Im Using, I Understand My Language Well.

Im Able To Maintain Too Many Connections Because Of The Communication Skills That I Have.




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