Learning about the Cloud Services

While the ubiquity of the cloud is undeniable, mastering its principles is by no means a simple endeavor. In a rapidly evolving modern landscape, having a skilled developer with cloud services expertise is invaluable to any team. When working with cloud services, mere task execution is insufficient. Taking into account factors such as cloud architecture, scalability, and infrastructure becomes crucial for successfully tackling various challenges. This is precisely why acquiring appropriate training is of utmost importance.

Understanding DevOps the Right Way

DevOps encompasses a collection of practices as well as a comprehensive philosophy. These practices intertwine to establish a robust development process that enables the creation of superior applications. However, grasping the philosophy that unifies these practices is challenging to achieve solely behind a desk.


SMART CHERRYS THOUGHTS offers training in DevOps and cloud technologies. Our programs help students individually, so you will receive the information to succeed as a high-level developer. SMART CHERRYS THOUGHTS provides training on the most common cloud services in the world

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Regardless of their skill level, every student is provided with a personalized and tailored program at SMART CHERRYS THOUGHTS. This customized design is incorporated into your training sessions, ensuring that you derive maximum benefits within an efficient timeframe. Explore the following topics:

  • Various DevOps tools
  • Aspects of cloud technologies
  • Development operations
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Automating build, test, and deployment




At SMART CHERRY’S THOUGHTS, we prioritize practical application over theoretical knowledge. As a result, our training programs include hands-on labs in diverse environments, allowing you to apply the principles you learn swiftly, often within the same week. SMART CHERRY’S THOUGHTS has found that this hands-on approach significantly expedites your cloud adoption process.


Throughout your tenure with SMART CHERRY’S THOUGHTS, you will receive comprehensive mentorship and guidance to prepare you for the role of a DevOps developer. This includes instruction in the fundamental principles and underlying philosophy of DevOps. Equipped with this knowledge, you will possess the necessary skills to seamlessly integrate into a DevOps team.


The Next Step with the Cloud

The cloud offers immense advantages for your business, regardless of your industry. SMART CHERRYS THOUGHTS is dedicated to assisting you in adopting and managing this resource, enabling you to concentrate on your company’s core competencies rather than getting bogged down in technical intricacies.


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