Advantages Of Controlling Negative Emotions – I Think this is one of the important topics i know.lot of people struggle with this, i decided to tell you today using the words that i have in my collection of thoughts in my head.

controlling the negative emotions like cry, sad, anger, jealosy helps y

these negative emotions are destructive emotions.

it spoils your connections.

it spoils your time.

it spoils your mind.

it spoils your energy.

dont be with the people who are spreading  this kind of energy.

these kind of people are dangeorus.

these people stops you from growing.

they stop you.

they wont allow you to do things that you wanted.


this is my personal experience.

i had faced alot of problems because of the people who use to have negative emotions.

they spoil my time, my energy, my positive mindset.

i started avaoiding them.

now im very happy.

im doing works that i wanted.

everything that i wanted is happening only because me removing them from my life.


people who loves you who send negative energy to your body.

they respect your body.

they respect your time.

they respect your energy.


these negative and destructive emotions kills everything that you have.

i think im the only person who can control the negative emotions among all the people i know in my life.

i know the consequences of the emotions that i release out.

so im very conscious while exposing my emotions outside.


i know alot of people who exposes their emotions out side without knowing the consequences.

i feel very sad for them.

but everybody is not same right.

but the advantage that i understood is, we can keep connections strong if we can control our negative emotions.

we can be strong if we can control our negative emotions.

if you spell some words out accidentally because of the negative emotion of yours, that creates something that you don’t like.


so be careful and control your negative emotions.

practise anything that works for you to control your negative emotions.

different people do different things in order to control their negative or destructive emotions if they way to be contructive.






By Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator, Masters Degree- Software Engineering, Bachelors Degree- Computer Science & Engineering, Youtuber- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Video Editor, Podcaster- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Editor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager/Influencer Ex-Professional Cricketer

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