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Chatting with Moishe Kaufman, CEO & Co-Founder of NFTuence

Chatting with Moishe Kaufman, CEO & Co-Founder of NFTuence post thumbnail image

Chatting with Moishe Kaufman,CEO & Co-Founder of NFTuence- CEO & Co-Founder of NFTuence, Moishe Kaufman is a serial entrepreneur. Moishe grown up in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Israel. Moishe kaufman has co-owned and successfully managed many digital media and marketing agencies across the world. His deep understanding and expertise in marketing, social media management & digital advertising has earned him major deals with leading companies.

NFTuence, The Company

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Moishe Kaufman, CEO & Co-Founder

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My words about Chatting with Moishe Kaufman-

Moishe said about his work and the service he is providing, he is from UK. I asked him about his services and some questions regarding his business, he gave the answers. I Thank him for giving me opportunity to interview him for my youtube channel & Podcast. I hope that he will do great service to humans with his service and reach everywhere on this planet for well being with his work.


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