Smart Cherrys Thoughts Smart Cherrys Thoughts Podcast Chatting with Virginie Glaenzer, fractional CMO and serial entrepreneur from New York

Chatting with Virginie Glaenzer, fractional CMO and serial entrepreneur from New York

Chatting with Virginie Glaenzer, fractional CMO and serial entrepreneur from New York post thumbnail image

Chatting with Virginie Glaenzer, fractional CMO and serial entrepreneur from New York – As a conscious leader, successful co-founder of AcornOak Agency headquartered in New York City, and Fractional CMO, Virginie Glaenzer is responsible for designing digital marketing and sales funnel strategies to drive sustainability and for helping leaders and their teams to navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought.

She is the co-author of the book The Leadership Singularity and the host of the Pass the Mic podcast, a podcast that aims to bring compassion and conscious leadership to business and in our personal lives.

Originally from France, she moved to the US in 1999, co-founded three tech start-ups, and began her journey to immerse herself in conscious leadership training in various disciplines such as psychology, wisdom traditions, awareness, and mindfulness practices.

Author of the book The Awakened Brand, Virginie is passionate and curious about humans and why we do what we do, and she is also a painter and a poet using the pen name Silomene. After spending 17 years in Northern California, she moved to NYC in 2014 where is currently resides with her husband and three daughters.

In addition to helping fast-growing companies as their Fractional CMO, Virginie is exploring the possibilities of Web3 as a host at Reap Community and Yin Leadership Network.

Virginie Glaenzer
Fractional CMO, Executive Advisor
+1 718-902-5455
AcornOak | NYC
Strategic Advisory and Digital Marketing Agency
Powered by Women of Experience
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My Words about Virginie Glaenzer

It was pleasure interviewing Virginie Glaenzer for my YouTube channel and Podcast, she accepted my request and allowed me to interview her, its an honor for me.after interviewing her what i understood is she came from France to USA, she started her work from almost zero and now she reached to a point where her contribution is creating strong impact and effect in the organizations. I feel its not that easy for anybody to become somthing great from nothing, her career is truely an inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs who are from anywhere on this planet.her words were amazing and she said how she solved problems that she faced and said how the way she look at problem.i can see she worked in quit different organisations, she is collection of different experiences of organisations, she herself is wealth with her amazing experience and she is working towards creating wealth, whatever she creates or develops or give service i believe it contains some much of her work experience with different roles on which she worked, i wish her more success and health, wealth from other part of the world called india, her contribution should create more positive energy in the world.


Thanks Virginie Gaenzer for giving your valuable time.


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