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Chatting with Russian web developer who builds a web memorial for his granny – Smart Cherrys Thoughts -Chatting with CeeJay Tkachenko who is a web developer by day and an entrepreneur by night. He’s trying to juggle these two things at the same time and not to die in the process. CeeJay is an owner of a design/web development studio and also working on a web memorials project.

Originally from Russia, he became a self-taught web developer and began his journey to create web projects that resonate with people. CeeJay builds a web memorial website for his granny who sadly passed away. With a small team of talented designers he recreates her biography, building something that stands out, a unique, bespoke place for memories with a personal touch that reflects what kind of a person his granny was.


After he finish this memorial project CeeJay plans to make a full-blown business helping others to create similar unique, bespoke and personalised web memorials for their loved once


He is also quite active on Twitter and often makes creative giveaways like making pixel or super hero portraits, translating peoples names into Russian to put it on Soviet posters and many more. He builds his memorial project in public for everyone to participate in the process @cjaythecreator

Full Video Here


My Words about Chatting with Him for my Youtube Channel & Podcast-

I Personal respect this man as a human being because as a technologist its important to give value and understand human being and their needs and their emotions and respecting them is mandatory then only we can able to create technical things for the development and for the advancement of humans growth.
Ceejay really made me think with his granny’s project, he is actually recreating the emotion that he felt with his granny when she was alive with his web memorial.
when i was observing him in the video and listening to his intensity i really felt and understood that this project came from his emotion and his life experience with his granny.
I call this technical web memorial that he is creating as a biography of his granny in his words.
I really appreciate his time and effort that he is putting to share his memories with her to the world in the form of web memorial.
 As a tech guy i know that its not an easy work to do what he is doing but i undertand that he is doing with his heart, i wish him all the success and his goal to create web memorials for his clients in future.
Thanks Ceejay for your valuable time with me.
kind regards,
Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator,

Masters Degree- Software Engineering,

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