Express – Express yourself. Expression, Expressing your experience, Experiencing your expression. Everything in the world around is connected with it.

we always cant be conscious about the words that we use.

which are expressions of ours.

our expression can create and can make things invisible.

that power of an expression is priceless.

the power of an expression is limitless.

the power of an express is emotionless.

the power of an expression is knowledgeless.

the power of an expression is meaningless.

the power of an expression is kindness.

the power of an expression is mindless.


expressing oueselfs.

we do this until the day our body can react to the world.

reacting is expressing.

who is the world best communicators?

best is perspective.

who is good in comminicating with the world when comes to your knowledge?

are you the person who comes under that catagory.

different people expresses things differently.

not necessary that every human expresses feelings emotions thoughts in the same way.


why we wont and we cant connect with everybodys expressions.

why we are different expressers.

we are creating impact with our expressions.

you are affecting me im affecting you with expression.


i have different expression compare to yours.

if im not expressing things like you, you will think im connective to your thoughts or im against to your expressions.


we all have different way of telling things out.

dont know who created us.

but this is how we are here.

is this creation to create voilence between people?

dont know.

i really dont understand why we are different from each other.

i think the day human understand why two human beings are not same, the same day he will catch the creator of human beings.

may be he will get base.

where this human specie came from.

i hope you got me.

if think you love my expression of expression, share these thoughts of mine with your people who expresses.





By Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator, Masters Degree- Software Engineering, Bachelors Degree- Computer Science & Engineering, Youtuber- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Video Editor, Podcaster- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Editor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager/Influencer Ex-Professional Cricketer

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