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Change Is Constant

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Change Is Constant – Yes, Change Is Constant, Everything Which Is Observed By Our Senses They Are Changing The Very Next Second after observation.

nothing in the world is the same, will be the same, or going to be the same.

learn how to get adopted for the change.

you should be ready to change yourself everytime.

dont fix for anything.

if you are fixing for something in a particular time, other time the situation changes, things around you changes, so fixing for something strongly makes you feel dissappointed.

what you are seeing now, it changes next minute.

what you are listening now it changes next minute.

what you are smelling now it changes next minute.

mentally physically emotionally there will be difference in you time to time.


so if something is changing  accept it.

learn to accept the change.

your direction of thinking changes because things around you changes.

the way you are thinking changes because things around you are changing.

change, change, change, your name should be change.

your nature should be change.

learn to change yourself time to time.

learn to be in that moment.

think about something which is happening in this particular time.

next minute your thought changes your decision changes.

so nothing in the world is permenant.


everything is moving in the world.

yesterday was different from today.

today will be different from tomorrow.

be what works in that particular minute.

tomorrow time, we will plan excute tomorrow.

take care now.

concentrate on eating todays food.

concentrate on todays energy of yours.

concentrate on what you have now.


don’t spoil your health by thinking about something which is not in your control which you cannot change.

if things are changing, you change.

you have to change, that is the only way to live.

people who have the ability to change themselves according to the situation, condition, environment, things around us, those people can survive on this planet.

rest always disappoints because of their fixed mindset.


share this post with your people who have fixed mindset.





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