Try To Solve Different Kind Of Problems In Your Professional & Personal Life, If You Want To See What You Are While Facing Different Problems

BySai Charan Paloju

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Try To Solve Different Kind Of Problems In Your Professional & Personal Life, If You Want To See What You Are While Facing Different Problems – You’ll Learn From Different Problems, You’ll Find Different Solutions, You’ll See Different Ways Of Solving Problems Only If You Try Different Kind Problems.

Me As Human Being Can See Different Kind Of Persons In Myself In Different Situations, In Different Conditions, In Places Only If Im Taking Decision To Try Something New Which I Didn’t Tried Before.

Solve Problems Which You Have Not Solved Before.

Talk Something That You Have Not Talk Before.

You Are Interesting For Yourself, For People Around You Only When You Solve Different Kind Of Problems.

Dont Do Something Continuously.

Dont See Same Thing Continuously.

Dont Repeat Anything Continuously, You’ll Loose Interest.

People Who Committed Suicide Have Not Seen Themselves In Different Situations, I Think They Have Fear To Adapt To New.


In The Way, If You Get Habituated To New Climate, New People, New Environment, New Culture, New Concepts, New Taste, New Visuals, New Sounds, New Information That Is Collected By Your Senses Continuously, You’ll Loose Fear.

You’ll Feel Excited To Wake Up In The Every Morning.

Boredom Comes When You Repeat Doing Something.

New Is Something That You Didnt Did Before.

New Is Not Un-Understandable.

New Is Simple, New Is Which You Have Not Heard Or Saw Before.

Can I Give You A Simple And Valuable Tip To Do New Each And Every Second In Your Life?

TIP – The Only Way To Do New All The Time Is To Be Yourself.

Nobody On This Planet Thinks Like You, Appears Like You, Walks Like You, Talks Like You, Loves Like You.

You Can Influence People Only By Being Yourself.

If You Are Not Able To Be Yourself, Think That You Are Not Going To Do Anything New.

You Will Not Call Yourself As New.

New Is Different From What You Did.

New Is Something That You Never Heard Or Saw.

New Is You.

You Are New.

Be You.

Do What Works For You.

Something That Works For You May Not Work For Others.

Understanding What Works For You Helps You In Understanding What Repeated Things That You Are Doing.

Do Experiments On Yourself, By Habituating New To Your Mental And Physical And Emotion Self Of Yours.

New Excites.

New Creates Interest.

New Drives.

New Pushes You Forward.

New Shows That You Can Do This Too.

Try To Put Yourself In New Situation In Your Profession, Personal Lifes, Youll Find A New Person In Yourself.

You’ll Love To Live If You Continuously Attempt New, Solve New Problems.

Look At Problem As Many Ways As Possible.

You Can Solve It Only If You Look At The Problem In 360 Degrees.

Look All Sides Of The Problem.

If You Solve Different Problems It Shows Your Ability And Ways Of Looking At Problem To Others.

Let People Know That You Can Solve Any Problem That You Way.

Show Your Problem Solving Ability By Solving Different Problems.

Dont Fear When Face New, Be Ready For New, Prepare Your Mind For New.

Dont Get Attached To Anything.

Dont Stick To Anything.

Dont Get Connected A Philosophy.

Your Thinking Changes According To The Time.

Time Is Continuously Changing, Change Is Constant, Time Is Change.

As A Human If You Change Yourself According To The Time, You Can Be Happy Mentally, Physically Emotionally.

Life Is Wonderful, Life Is All Problems.

Life Is Professional And Personal Life Both.

Solve Problems Of Both of Your Life.

Thinking To Find Ways Always Helps You In Solving New Problems.

Look At Things From Different Perspectives.

There Is No Right Or Wrong, There Is Only One Particular Way To Solve A Problem.

You Are Awesome, You Will Do That, You Can Do That.


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Sai Charan Paloju.


By Sai Charan Paloju

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