I Know People Who Have Fixed Mindset, I Feel They Are Dangerous, They Are Not Flexible, They Are Not Adaptive.

There is no such thing on this planet that is stable, which is not moving, which is not changing. which is not being different.

every living and non-living thing in the universe is changing its nature.

so when everything in the world is changing, it is imppossible for a humanbeing to be the same every minute.

so i respect people who are changing themselves according to the situation.

i believe that they can live for long time because of their adaptive nature.


fixing for something disspoints.

people who are have fixed mindset, will suffer and will make others feel suffer.

i call fixed mindset people as still water.

i call fixed mindset people as boring.

when everything around you is changing, if you fix and dont move or change according to the situation.

you will suffer alot.


i love moving water not the still water.

change according to the change in the world.

today corona virus is there and i change myself in order to be far from it.

1 year before it was not there.

so i changed myself this year.

im not being same.

i cant be without mask and sanitizer today.

which clearly shows the change that is there in me.

i changed im adaptive.

thats why im able to be alive today.


im sure all the companies in the world and all the great people in the world loves to communicate and connect only with the people who are adaptive and who can change themselves physically, mentally, emotionally according to the situation.

that actually helps in developing themselves at the same time that helps them developing the company in which they are working.


i hope you understood this explation.

if you like, share this people who have fixed minset and people who are flexible and adaptive.





By Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator, Masters Degree- Software Engineering, Bachelors Degree- Computer Science & Engineering, Youtuber- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Video Editor, Podcaster- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Editor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager/Influencer Ex-Professional Cricketer mailme@smartcherrysthoughts.com https://smartcherrysthoughts.com/

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