When I Be Alone, I Understand More About My Mental And Physical Energy – #SmartCherrysThoughts

When I Be Alone, I Understand More About My Mental And Physical Energy – I Can Able To Understand Completely When Im Alone, I Give Myself  Time To Understand The Percentage Of Energies That I Have.

I Understand My Thinking When Im Alone.

I Understand What I Know And What I Dont Know When Im Alone.

I Think About What I Can Do And What I Cannot Do When Im Alone.

Its Important For Me To Make Myself Think About Myself Sometime Each Day.

I Have To Know And I Have To Understand What Me Is.

What Im Upto.

Where Im Upto.

Why Should I Do,

Where Should I Do.

Why Im Doing.


From The Morning Till The Night I Listen To The Opinions Of The People About Me.

But What Is The Opinion Of Me About Myself?
When Im Alone Ill Get Answer For This Question.


Whom Im Meeting, Is That Energy That Im Going To Take Is Good For My Mental And Physical Health?

I Should Think About It In My The Time When Im Aoone.

Loneliness Actually Helps You Understand Alot About Yourself.

But Eventually Loneliness Cannot Be Permanent For Me Because Im Living In Between People.


I Should Know, I Should Understand What Im Doing Is Good Or Bad When Im Alone.

I Should Know What IM Thinking When Im Alone.

Each And Every Mind Have Its Own Reasons And Its Own Opinions And Its Own Works.

Im Thinking And Understanding About My Mind When Im Alone?

Im Giving Enough Time To Myself Daily?


The Problem Is If My Day Is Filled With People And If The Time Is Filled With Interacting With People And If I Dont Time To Interact With My Ownself.

I Have Believe Their Opinions About Me And Their Opinions About My Decisions.

But When I Have Time To Think About Myself And About My Decisions, I Can Do What Works For Me And I Can Takes Which Are Good For Me.


Its Important For Me Respect Myself At least One Time In A Day And Spend Time With Myself And Not Fill My Mind Only With The Opinions Of The People Who Are Saying ABout Me.

I Can Understand Myself Only If My Senses Collects Information About Me Completely And That Happens Only When Im Alone.


Lowliness For Sometime In A Day For Me Is Awesome.



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