Understanding Useful & Useless Is Very Intelligent Idea – I Understood What Is Important For Me & What Is Not Important For Me, I Understood What Is Useful For Me & What Is Not Useful For Me.

Even If People Provoke Me To Do Useless Things, I Cant Do That.

The Quality Called Understanding Makes Me Think About What I Want & What I Need And What Is Useful For Me & What Is Not Useful For Me.

Useful Is The Resources That I Needed To Make Things Possible, Useless Is The Resources Which I Don’t Need.

The Useful Things For Me Useless For You And The Useless Things Of Yours Are Useful For Me.


Useful & Useless Is A Perception.

If You Are Able Manage The Useful Resources That You Want, You Can Make Things Possible.

If You Are Able To Manage The Useless Resources That You Dont Want, You Can Make Things Possible.

Avoiding Useless Made Is Good Idea.

Taking Useful Is A Great Idea.


Be Positive Take Things Which Are Useful For You.

Be Patient Of The Useful Things Takes Time To Reach You.

Try To Manage Things.

Don’t Waste Your Energy On Unnecessary.

Don’t Want Your Time On Unnecessary.

Don’t Blame Others.

Don’t Quit.

You Should Know What You Are Doing & What You Are Going To Do.

Improve Yourself, Develop Yourself.

Care Yourself, Monitor Yourself.

Keep Learning New Things.

Try To Be Adoptive, Change Things.

Adopt To The Change.

Open Mind Makes Your Suit For Any Environment.

Spend Time With Yourself To Understand What Is Useful For You & What Is Not Useful For You.

Understand Your Body, Understand Your Mind.

Understand Your Needs.

All These Are The Words That Im Telling To Myself.

To Motivate Myself.

To Give Energy To Myself,

To Boost Myself.

Understanding Useful & Useless Is Intelligent Idea.

I Understood What Are Important For Me.


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By Sai Charan Paloju

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