Chatting with Founder of Gyr Falcon, CEO of Tawseel Group, CAO of, CEO of 82 Events Organizers Sarmad Al-Zadjaly from UAE

Chatting with Founder of Gyr Falcon,CEO of Tawseel Group,CAO of,CEO of 82 Events OrganizersSarmad Al-Zadjaly from UAE – Sarmad Al-Zadjaly from UAE, he said about his work, its totally inspiring for me as a technologist, he is working on too different projects and i can see on his social media presence he did some amazing job.

It an honor for me to interview Sarmad AL-Zadjaly for my Youtube channel and Podcast, I Requested him to be on my show, he accepted my request and said about all his works.

I Asked questions regarding his present companies and roles he as Founder of Gyr Falcon & CEO of Tawseel Group, CAO of & CEO of 82 Events Organizers.

Gyr Falcon is his new company and Tawseel Group is Food Delivery Services In UAE, is Online Adventure Booking platform, 82 Events Organizers is Event Organizing Company.

Its a big responsibility for any individual to do multiple works at the same time, truly inspiring and motivating, I wish him all the best for the future Endeavors & I Hope he continue inspiring the working with his amazing services through his different companies and ideas.

Full video here-

Listen on Podcast-–CEO-of-Tawseel-Group–82-Events-Organizers-CAO-of-Mughamer-com-e1k1p12?fbclid=IwAR27KmlwHoRMDGTI1n_umb9CF0pDezV8bVnUNqZUA4WKrJKAQ-U4J4govtg
Thanks Sarmad for Al-Zajaly for giving me your valuable time & Sharing your work with my channels.


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