Chatting with Tech Founder/CEO of Fun Club, Sr. Cyber Operations Project Manager at U.S. Army Cyber Command- Priscilla Burch

Chatting with Tech Founder/CEO of Fun Club, Sr. Cyber Operations Project Manager at U.S. Army Cyber Command- Priscilla Burch –Priscilla was born in Compton, CA and raised in Washington DC. Priscilla’s extensive entertainment industry experience began as the daughter of a world-renowned celebrity entertainer/guitarist/vocalist.

Priscilla is also the goddaughter to Steveland “Stevie Wonder” Morris.

Additionally Priscilla gave service as a Committee Member of the “Manifest Your Destiny” Foundation founded by Actor

and Author, Mr. Hill Harper. This organization gives underserved youth a path to empowerment and educational excellence

through STEM, college access skills, and personal development.

As destiny would have it; things came full circle and landed Priscilla in the world of technology through the face of entertainment.

She always knew she had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, but never imagined it would bloom and blossom as it has.

Priscilla’s journey lead her to her current venture as Founder, CEO of the social entertainment platform Fun Club.

In addition to founding a tech company, she’s also the Sr. Cyber Operations Project Manager for ARCYBER.

Priscilla deploys her extensive cyber security background and skill set to ensure a safe and secure environment for all Fun Club users.

Priscilla Burch is revolutionizing the way businesses better spend promo dollars, sell out events and venues,

and how people explore and adopt entertainment through digital resources.

Being the first woman of color worldwide to create a product of its kind, she’s considered a trendsetter.

Yet, she feels true trendsetting comes from being able to utilize her work and knowledge as a platform to inspire and motivate other young girls that look like her.

Priscilla demonstrates unwavering tenacity in the face of entrepreneurship challenges with grace, determination and courage.

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My Words about Chatting with Priscilla Burch-

It a great opportunity for me to interview such an amazing person, its an honor for me to ask her questions and introduce her to my audience. It was amazing conversation, i requested Priscilla to be on my channels, she is great women accepted my request and came to my show. What i understood talking with her is she is great human being before Technologist or Entrepreneur, She have concern about users of technology and she understands how to give great service to users.

she is an inspiration for alot of women around the world, she want to serve people with Fun Club around the world, apart from her full time work, she decided to give her time to serve people with new service, which is inspiring.

I Wish her all the best and great success for her great service, I’m sure it will be awesome, I’m sure she will continue spreading her wings to all the parts of the world with Fun Club.


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