8) AWS CLI Setup on Windows- Section 1: IAM & AWS CLI- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02

BySai Charan Paloju

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8) AWS CLI Setup on Windows-Section 1: IAM & AWS CLI- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02- Okay so we are going to install the aws command line on windows.

  • So for this we will write aws CLI install windows on Google and press enter.

  • And this will give us the list link.

  • and we want to install the aws-cli version 2 on windows.
  • Okay this is the latest and so we’ll up to dates.

  • It doesn’t change much versus version 1.

  • It is just some improved performance and capability,
  • but the API’s exactly the same.
  • and there’s also an improved installer.
  • So i’m going to scroll down,
  • in here and to install on Windows
  • where you can just simply
  • install it using the MSI installer,
  • so I just click on this link to download the MSI installer.
  • then I’m going to run the installer.

  • so it should very very simple.
  • Now the installer is starting.
  • I click on next.

  • I accept the terms of the license,

  • click on next
  • Install and then we wait for the installer to be done.
  • Yes, I want to allow whatever this is doing.

  • Okay so the installer is now complete.

  • I click on finish.
  • and now i can go ahead and open a command line,
  • so i’ll do command line,
  • Command prompt here we go on windows,

  • and to be sure that it’s fully installed
  • i just type aws –version
  • and press enter

  • and if you get a result like this:
  • aws-cli, a version that starts with a 2,
  • then Python, windows,
  • that means that your aws-cli
  • is now properly installed on Windows.
  • and you’re good to go.
  • Finally just note that if you want to upgrade your aws-cli
  • then you just need to re-download that MSI installer

  • and just re-run the install.
  • and it will be automatically upgraded.

  • But as soon as you this output you’re good to go.
  • and you can follow me in the next lecture.
  • so see you in the next lecture.


By Sai Charan Paloju

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