IAM MFA Hands On- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02

BySai Charan Paloju

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IAM MFA Hands On- AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02- So we are going to first set up a password policy for our account.

  • So On Account Settings(Root User Account), on the left hand side.

  • we click on change password policy.

  • and here we can enforce a password policy.
  • For example,
  • the password minimum length,
  • we can require one uppercase,
  • one lowercase, one number,
  • you can customize your password policy as you wish
  • and then click on save changes.

  • This password policy enhances the security of your accounts.

MFA for our root accounts

  • The second thing we need to do id set up
  • MFA for our root accounts.
  • So the root account is again, very important to protect
  • because it has full power of your accounts.
  • And so, as a note,
  • this is something I’m going to do in front of you for demo.
  • you dont have to do it.
  • and if you do it.
  • then you have higher security on your accounts.
  • But if you lose your MFA Token.
  • then you will be locked out of your account.
  • So again, you can just see what i’m doing.
  • and not follow the hands on, if you want.
  • And so we can click on the account name
  • on the right hand side,
  • top right and click on  security credentials.

  • This takes us to this page where we can click
  • on the multi-factor authentication

  • and we are going to activate MFA to protect our accounts.

  • so we have three options,
  • we have virtual MFA, UTF security key
  • or other hardware MFA device.

  • Because we want to use our phone,
  • we’re going to use a virtual MFA device.

  • Here we have a list of compatible applications we can use
  • to set up MFA.

  • And on this web page you can have a look,
  • By Scrolling down for the virtual MFA applications.
  • for android and iPhone we can use all of these in this list.
  • My personal favorite is to use Authy
  • So there is Authy for Android and Authy For iPhone

  • and it is a free application that i really like.
  • So let me show you how this works.
  • So we are in here and I’ going to show the QR code.

  • Next, I’m going to start Authy on my phone.

  • So Auhty is started on my phone
  • and I’m going to go and add an account,

  • I’ll scan a QR code which is there on my laptop screen
  • and i will scan the QR code right here.
  • Its adding the accounts.

  • so you need to make sure that you’re happy
  • with the logo, as well as the account nickname.
  • So everything looks good to me.
  • I will click on save and here I get a code.

  • So the first MFA code I have to enter in this box(on laptop)
  • so
  • and then i have to wait an extra 15 seconds for the new code to appear
  • and my next code is

  • So they’re linked.
  • I assign the MFA and it is successfully assigned the MFA.
  • So we’ll be prompted to use an MFA next time that we login.
  • into our accounts.
  • So to do so, what I’m going to do
  • is that I’m going to log out of my AWS accounts, right here

  • and I’m going to sign in the console again.

  • I will use my Root user and I will enter my email.

  • Enter Password


  • and then I will enter the MFA token.


  • I am getting from the device.
  • So
  • Click on submit.
  • And here i go
  • I am connected into my management console using MFA.

  • So that’s it, MFA is set up for my root accounts.
  • Once you do so.
  • Please make sure not to lose your phone or your MFA device.
  • because then you will be locked our of your account.
  • So that is something very important not to lose.
  • And I hope you like this lecture.
  • I will see you in the next lecture.

By Sai Charan Paloju

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