Your Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts, My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts.Ya, Your Thoughts And My Thoughts Are Different.The Things That You Are Observing And Absorbing Are Different From Mine.We Will Never Think Like Each Other In Both Of Our Lifes.

One Hundred Percent Will Be Having Differences Thinking Ways About Things In Both Of Our Lifes.

So You Should Not Think That Why I’m Thinking In This Way And I Shouldn’t Think Why You Are Thinking That Way.

When We Understand That We Wont Think Like Each Other, We Can Be Happy By Accepting Each Other Like We Are.If We Start Thinking About Each Others Thinking And Judging Each Other Thinking, We Both Wont Have Peace.

Why Should I Expect You To Think Like Me, Why Should You Expect Me To Think Like You.

I Dont Know Why The Creator Of You And Me Creator In This Manner.

He Wants You And Me Fight Always? Or He Wants You And Me Yo Listen To Each Others Thoughts Since It Are Different From Each Other.

Is He Testing You Are Me By Putting You And Me In This Kind Of Situations.

He Wants Both Of Us To Understand Each Others Thoughts?

He Wants Both Of Us To Understand Each Others Way Of Thinking?

Why He Created You And Me In This Way?

He Likes To Watch Fight?

He Likes To Watch You Are Creating Damage To Each Other?

He Wants You And Me Lose Peace Of Each Other?

Or He Wants You And Me To Control Our Emotions With Each Other?


But Not Only You, There Are A lot Of Human Beings Who Are There.

Not Only Me There Are Lot Of Human Beings Are There.


So Like This, You And Me Are Facing A lot Of People In Our Daily Life.

We Should Live Like This.






By Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator, Masters Degree- Software Engineering, Bachelors Degree- Computer Science & Engineering, Youtuber- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Video Editor, Podcaster- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Editor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager/Influencer Ex-Professional Cricketer

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