Observing & Creating Positive Energy Is A Positive Thought

Yes, observing & creating positive energy is a positive thought.use your five senses to collect positive energy, use your five senses to create positive energy.

that is a positive thought.

most of the people i observe are creating and observing positive energy and positive thoughts.

that is how i built myself.

i started doing the same.

people who observe me do the same.

it is not only creating positive energy by me, I’m also transferring positive energy to other people.

the people who are collecting positive energy from me are transferring it to other people.

this is how i believe that we have create positive world.


yes, i understand, collecting positivity is not possible all the time.

but as much as possible in the 24 hours in day that we have if we try and manage to collect positive energy, that is beneficial and useful for me and for the people who are observing me.

what you do, that they do.

because they are observing you.

doing positive helps you, help them also.

so all the time concentrate on the positive energy.

all the time concentrate on the possibilities.

all the time try to think positively.


positivity is a thought which is coming from your mind.

create positive environment.

you can always do that.

i did that.

but the point here is your surrounding should be positive in order to collect positive energy with your senses.

selecting surrounding is very important.

choose positive to observe positive to think positive.

everything is your choice.

your selection.

watching that is your selection.

listening to that is your selection.

smelling that is your selection.

touching that is your selection.

hearing that is your selection.


your selections are the reason for the collection of thoughts that you have in your head.

so, be conscious.

and use senses to observe and to create positive energy.








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