Science Works On Data – Yes, Science Works On Data. Data Is Information, Studying Information Is Science. If You Have Data About Something And If You Are Studying It I’ll Call You As Science Student.

Information Plays With The Living Things.

Only Human I Think Can Store Store Data.

By Creating Data Centers.

Human Wants To Store Information By Inventing Different Devices With Different Capacities In The Place Where There Are Less Natural Disasters.

Human Is The Only Specie I Think Is Saving Information & Giving It To The Next Generation.

I Think There Is Transfer Of Information Only In Human Beings.

Next Generation Don’t Need To Study On Something That This Generation Have Already Studied And Invented Something With The Information Which Is Collected From The Previous Generation.

For Example Iphone 11 Features Are Already Been Used In This Generation.

In Next Generation, We Dont Need To Work On Iphone 11 Features Again, We Human Will Work On iphone 20 Or Iphone 30,40 Etc.

Which Means We Came From Iphone 1, We Already Have Information About How Iphone 1 Is Created.

So We Dont Need To Spend Time On Things Which Are Already Created, Just By Understanding How Those Were Created We Can Create A New Thing.

This Is Information Is Called As Data.

Understanding This Data Is Science.

Science Can Answers Questions Based On The Collected Data By Human Beings Since Years.

You Need To Have Information About SomeThing In Order To Give Answer For The Questions.


Beliefs Are Different Again.

Believing Something And Working On It Is Different Way Of Working Style.

You May Or May Not Get Answers.

That Is Not Science.

Science Wont Accept Beliefs.

Because Different People Have Different Beliefs.

There Should Be Some Data In Order To Give Answers For The Questions In Science.

So Science Is Data, Data Is Information, Information And Data Is Stored Today In Different Physical Things And Stored In Safest Places On This Planet.


– Sai Charan Paloju

By Sai Charan Paloju

Trained AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course SAA-C02/Content Writer/Creator, Masters Degree- Software Engineering, Bachelors Degree- Computer Science & Engineering, Youtuber- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Video Editor, Podcaster- Host/Interviewer/Content Creator/Editor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager/Influencer Ex-Professional Cricketer

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